The construction industry is changing. Not only is there a greater requirement to adhere to the law when it comes to providing safe and equitable working conditions, but it also must be appropriate both for men and women.

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The industry doesn’t have the best record when it comes to employing women or providing a non-discriminatory work environment. However, that’s changing rapidly now with construction companies beginning to do more in this regard to improve working conditions while changing attitudes of people in the industry at the same time. This is good news.

Making Construction a Good Industry for Women

The construction industry is currently under pressure to employ more women. This is something that has been slowly trickling down from the property developer side where more women are working in this area. Following on from this, there are now more women involved in construction now too.

It’s necessary for companies to provide a safe, reasonable place to work. This means previous rough talk needs to be curbed so as not to cause any offense. Similarly, all workers must feel free from intimidation regardless of sex/gender. For some building sites, this is admittedly a work in progress, but more can always be done.

Providing Enough Washroom Facilities

While the building site itself is often unkempt as open areas get dug, foundations laid, and other preparatory work is ongoing, it’s still necessary for construction sites to have sufficient washroom facilities available to both workers and site visitors alike.

Using a supplier like, they provide portable single person restrooms that can be positioned anywhere on the site. There are also larger restroom trailers which can be towed to the location and positioned where they’re most suitable. These trailers are more expansive with several toilet facilities and a place to wash up. With women on the workforce, there should be a separate facility for men and women too.

Safety in the Workplace

The OSHA 29 CFR 1926 regulation covering safety in the construction industry is the standard for companies to adhere to. It lays out what is required to help avoid injuries. Sadly, it’s still the case that one in five worker deaths occur in the construction field, so there are always ways to make it safer by working at it every day.

On-site safety standards must be made clear from the very beginning. All staff must be aware of them, including any short-term hires and new people that come onboard later in the building project. Workers must wear the appropriate safety gear for their job and the construction site as a whole. This will include safety clothing and footwear to avoid injury and be seen in dimmer light conditions. A hard hat is a requirement, of course. Then there are other safety requirements depending on the site and the type of work the person is carrying out.

Construction is coming on in leaps and bounds across many areas. As safety standards continually get improved and as many as one-third of graduate job applicants are women, the industry is changing rapidly. This is great news to create a more open, worker-friendly environment for everyone.

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